Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

You can also program the memory door locks feature
using the Driver Information Center. See “Driver
Information Center Personal Choice Programming” in
the Index.
Delayed Locking
This feature lets the driver delay the actual locking of
the vehicle. When the power door lock switch or the
remote keyless entry LOCK button is pressed with the
key removed from the ignition and the driver’s door
open, a chime will sound three times to signal that the
lock delay mode is active. When all doors have been
closed, the doors will lock automatically after five
seconds. If any door is opened before this, the
-second timer will reset itself once all the doors have
been closed again.
Pressing the door lock switch or the remote keyless
entry LOCK button a second time within two seconds
will override this feature.
The delayed locking feature can be turned on or off for
each remote keyless entry transmitter.
To turn the feature on:
1. Press and hold LOCK on the power door lock switch
on the door throughout this procedure. All the doors
will lock.
2. Press the UNLOCK button on the transmitter to
enter the programming mode. The lock delay is still
off and all doors will remain locked.
3. Press the UNLOCK button on the transmitter again.
Lock delay is now active and all doors will unlock.
4. Release the power door lock switch.
To turn this feature off, repeat the above procedure.
If your vehicle is equipped with the Driver Information
Center (DIC), you can also program these features
through the DIC. See “Driver Information Center” in
the Index.