Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Memory Door Locks
The memory door lock modes, when shifting in and out
of PARK (P), can be changed through the DIC. You can
change these modes by different selections of the
following DIC displays:
If you choose OFF for AUTO DOOR LOCKS, your
door locks will operate normally with no
automatic feature.
If you choose ON for AUTO DOOR LOCKS, and ON
for UNLOCK IN PARK, your doors will lock every
time you shift out of PARK (P), and the doors will
unlock every time you stop and shift into PARK (P).
If you choose ON for AUTO DOOR LOCKS, and
OFF for UNLOCK IN PARK, your door locks will lock
every time you shift out of PARK (P), and there will be
no automatic door unlock when shifting back into
When you choose ON for UNLOCK in PARK, the DIC
will display WHICH DOORS - ALL/DRIVER. You
have the choice of unlocking all doors, or just the
driver’s door.
To change modes:
1. Move the arrow on the display between ON and OFF
by pressing the ENG/MET button.
2. Once you have made your selection, press the
RESET button and your choice will be retained
in memory.
See “Memory Door Locks” in the Index for more
information about this feature.
Delayed Locking
The delayed locking feature, which delays the
actual locking of the vehicle, can be made active or
inactive through the DIC. When DELAYED
- OFF - ON appears on the display, use
the ENG/MET button to toggle the arrow between
OFF and ON. When you have made your choice,
press the RESET button to record your selection.
For more information on this feature, see “Delayed
Locking” in the Index.