Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Interior Lamps
Instrument Panel Intensity Control
Instrument panel light brightness can be adjusted
by turning the headlamp knob counterclockwise
and clockwise.
Courtesy Lamps
When any door is opened, several lamps go on. They
make it easy for you to enter and leave the car. You can
also turn these lamps on by turning the headlamp knob
clockwise all the way past the normal stop.
Illuminated Entry System
When you open either front door or press the UNLOCK
button on the remote keyless entry transmitter, the lamps
inside your vehicle will turn on. These lamps will turn off
after about 40 seconds. These lamps will also turn off if
you start the engine or activate the power door locks.
Delayed Entry Lighting
When you open the door, the interior lamps will come
on. When you close the door with the ignition off, the
interior lamps will stay on for 25 seconds or until the
ignition is turned to an on position.
Please note that locking the doors with the power door
lock switch will override the delayed entry lighting
feature and the lamps will turn off right away.
NOTE: Using the remote keyless entry transmitter to
lock the door will not cancel delayed lighting.
Theater Dimming
This feature allows for a three to five-second fade out of
the courtesy lamps instead of immediate turn off.
Delayed Exit Lighting
With this feature, the interior lamps will come on for
25 seconds after you remove the key from the ignition.
This will give you time to find the door pull handle or
lock switches.
Parade Dimming
This feature prohibits the dimming of your instrument
panel displays during daylight while your headlamps are
on. This feature operates with the light sensor for the
twilight sentinel and is fully automatic. When the light
sensor reads darkness outside, you will be able to dim
your instrument panel displays once again.