Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Wait at least 30 minutes before checking the transaxle
fluid level if you have been driving:
When outside temperatures are above 90 F (32 C).
At high speed for quite a while.
In heavy traffic
-- especially in hot weather.
While pulling a trailer.
To get the right reading, the fluid should be at
normal operating temperature, which is 180 F to
200 F (82 C to 93 C).
Get the vehicle warmed up by driving about 15 miles
(24 km) when outside temperatures are above 50 F
(10 C). If it’s colder than 50 F (10 C), you may
have to drive longer.
Checking the Fluid Level
Park your vehicle on a level place. Keep the
engine running.
With the parking brake applied, place the shift lever
in PARK (P).
With your foot on the brake pedal, move the shift
lever through each gear range, pausing for about
three seconds in each range. Then, position the shift
lever in PARK (P).
Let the engine run at idle for three to five minutes.
Then, without shutting off the engine, follow
these steps:
1. The transaxle fluid
dipstick top is a round,
red loop and is next to
the brake master
cylinder behind the
engine block. Pull out
the dipstick and wipe it
with a clean rag or
paper towel.
2. Push it back in all the way, wait three seconds and
then pull it back out again.