Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

SECOND (2): This position gives you more power but
lower fuel economy. You can use SECOND (2) on hills.
It can help control your speed as you go down steep
mountain roads, but then you would also want to use
your brakes off and on.
Don’t drive in SECOND (2) for more than
5 miles (8 km), or at speeds over 55 mph
(88 km/h), or you can damage your transaxle.
THIRD (3) as much as possible.
Don’t shift into SECOND (2) unless you are going
slower than 65 mph (105 km/h), or you can
damage your engine.
FIRST (1): This position gives you even more
power (but lower fuel economy) than SECOND (2). You
can use it on very steep hills, or in deep snow or mud. If
the selector lever is put in FIRST (1), the transaxle
won’t shift into first gear until the vehicle is going
slowly enough.
If your front wheels can’t rotate, don’t try to
drive. This might happen if you were stuck in
very deep sand or mud or were up against a solid
object. You could damage your transaxle.
Also, if you stop when going uphill, don’t hold
your vehicle there with only the accelerator
pedal. This could overheat and damage the
transaxle. Use your brakes or shift into PARK (P)
to hold your vehicle in position on a hill.