Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Convex Outside Mirror
Your passenger’s side mirror is convex. A convex
mirror’s surface is curved so you can see more from the
driver’s seat.
A convex mirror can make things (like other
vehicles) look farther away than they really are.
If you cut too sharply into the right lane, you
could hit a vehicle on your right. Check your
inside mirror or glance over your shoulder before
changing lanes.
Automatic Dimming/Heated Outside
Rearview Mirror (If Equipped)
If you have this feature, the driver’s side outside mirror
will adjust for the glare of headlamps behind you. This
feature is controlled by the on and off settings on the
automatic electrochromic day/night rearview mirror. See
“Automatic Electrochromic Day/Night Rearview
Mirror” earlier in this section.
If you have this feature, the left and right outside mirrors
are also heated when you activate the rear window
defogger. See “Rear Window Defogger” in the Index.
Both outside mirrors can be folded forward or rearward.
In the rearward position, they will fold flush with the
vehicle. This feature is particularly useful in automatic
car washes.
Storage Compartments
Glove Box
The glove box is directly in front of the front
passenger’s seat. Use the door key to lock and unlock
the glove box. To open the glove box, pull the handle
upward until the latch opens.