Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Trunk-Mounted CD Changer (Option)
With the optional compact disc changer, you can play up
to 12 discs continuously. Normal size discs may be
played using the trays supplied in the magazine.
The small discs (8 cm) can be played only with specially
designed trays.
You must first load the magazine with discs before you
can play a compact disc. Each of the 12 trays holds one
disc. Press the button on the back of the magazine and
pull gently on one of the trays. Load the trays from
bottom to top, placing a disc on the tray label side down.
If you load a disc with the label side up, the disc will not
play and an error will occur. Gently push the tray back
into the magazine slot. Repeat this procedure for loading
up to 12 discs in the magazine.
Once you have loaded the discs in the magazine, slide
open the door of the compact disc (CD) changer. Push
the magazine into the changer in the direction of the
arrow marked on top of the magazine.