Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Mirror Operation
To turn on the automatic dimming feature, press
AUTO. To turn off automatic dimming, press OFF. The
green indicator light will be illuminated when this
feature is active.
Time Delay
The automatic mirror has a time delay feature which
prevents unnecessary switching from the night back to
the day position. This delay prevents rapid changing of
the mirror as you drive under lights and through traffic.
Cleaning the Photocells
Use a cotton swab and glass cleaner to clean the
photocells when necessary.
Electrochromic Day/Night Rearview Mirror
with Compass (If Equipped)
Your vehicle may have an electrochromic inside
rearview mirror with a compass.
When set in the MIRROR position, this mirror
automatically changes to reduce glare from headlamps
behind you. A time delay feature prevents rapid
changing from the day to night positions while driving
under lights and through traffic.
The mirror also includes an eight
-point compass
display in the upper right corner of the mirror face.
When on, the compass automatically calibrates as the
vehicle is driven.