Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

GAGE INFO: Use this button to display oil
pressure, oil life, coolant temperature, tire pressure
and battery information.
RESET: This button, used along with other buttons,
will reset system functions.
ENG/MET: Use this button to change the display
between English and metric units.
DIC Controls and Displays
There are two lines in the DIC display. The bottom line on
the display area is left blank when the DIC displays the
driver number identified when entering the vehicle. You
can have your dealer program your name to appear on this
display line. See your dealer for more information.
When you turn the ignition on, the DIC will display your
DRIVER NUMBER. The system will then perform a status
check and display any messages if a problem is detected.
If there are no problems detected, the display will return
to the mode selected by that driver the last time the
ignition was turned off.
If a problem is detected, a diagnostic message will
appear in the display. The following pages will show the
messages you may see on the DIC display.
The message center is continuously updated with the
vehicle’s performance status.
When this button is pressed, the display will show the
total mileage, and TRIP 1 or TRIP 2 miles. TRIP 1 and
TRIP 2 will display the miles traveled since the last
reset. To reset the trip odometer, press the ODO/TRIP
button until the trip miles are shown in the DIC display,
then press the RESET button. The trip odometer will
now accumulate miles until the next reset.
Fuel Used: Press the FUEL INFO button until the
display shows FUEL USED. This display will show you
how much fuel has been used since the last reset. To
learn how much fuel is used from a new starting point,
press the RESET button while the fuel used is displayed
in the DIC.
Fuel Range: Press the FUEL INFO button until the
display shows FUEL RANGE. The fuel range will
calculate the remaining distance you can drive without
refueling. This calculation is based on the average fuel
economy for the last 25 miles (40.25 km) driven, and
the fuel remaining in the fuel tank. The RESET button
does not function in this mode.