Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

If you unlock the vehicle using your door key instead of
your transmitter, the DIC will not change drivers and
will recall the information from the last transmitter used
or the last driver using one of the MEMORY buttons. If
this happens and you were not the last driver of the
vehicle, simply press your correct driver number on the
appropriate MEMORY button or press UNLOCK on
your transmitter.
The DIC can be used to program the following personal
choice features available with your vehicle:
Memory Seats
Memory Door Locks
Security Feedback
Delayed Locking
Perimeter Lighting
Parallel Park Assist Mirror
Window Lockout
See “Personal Choice Features” in the Index.
See the following steps for personal choice
programming instructions.
1. Turn the ignition on and keep the transaxle in
2. Inform the DIC which driver you are by pressing the
UNLOCK button on your transmitter or the
appropriate memory seat control.
3. Press and hold the ENG/MET button for five
FEATURE will appear in the display.
The next display will be your driver number and the
DRIVER #. You are now in the selection mode
and the DIC is ready to program your personal
choices in memory.
Each feature that can be personalized will appear in
the display. Once you have made a selection for a
feature, the DIC will move on to the next personal
choice feature.