Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Supercharger Oil
Unless you are technically
qualified and have the
proper tools, you should let
your dealer or a qualified
service center perform
this maintenance.
When to Check
Check oil level every 30,000 miles (50 000 km) or every
36 months, whichever occurs first.
What Kind of Oil to Use
See “Recommended Fluids and Lubricants” in the Index
and use only the recommended oil.
How to Check and Add Oil
Check oil only when the engine is cold. Allow the
engine to cool two to three hours after running.
If you remove the supercharger oil fill plug while
the engine is hot, pressure may cause hot oil to
blow out of the oil fill hole. You may be burned.
Do not remove the plug until the engine cools.
1. Clean the area around the oil fill plug before
removing it.
2. Remove the oil fill plug using a 3/16 inch
Allen wrench.
3. The oil level is correct when it just reaches the
bottom of the threads of the inspection hole.
4. Replace the oil plug with the O
-ring in place.
Torque to 88 lb
-in (10 N·m).