Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Close the door by sliding it all the way to the left. If the
door is left partially open, the changer will not operate
and an error will occur. When the door is closed, the
changer will begin checking for discs in the magazine.
This will continue for up to two minutes depending on
the number of discs loaded.
To eject the magazine from the player, slide the CD
changer door all the way open. The magazine will
automatically eject. Remember to keep the door closed
whenever possible to keep dirt and dust from getting
inside the changer.
All of the CD functions are controlled by the radio
buttons except for ejecting the magazine. Whenever a
CD magazine with discs is loaded in the changer,
CHNGR will appear on the radio display. If the CD
changer is checking the magazine for CDs, CHNGR
will flash on the display until the changer is ready to
play. When a CD begins playing, the disc and track
number will be displayed. The disc numbers are listed
on the front of the magazine.
Compact Disc Changer Errors
If E and a number appear on the display, an error has
occurred and the compact disc temporarily cannot play.
The CD changer will send an error message to the
receiver to indicate:
E30: Disc Loaded Incorrectly (Label Side Up)
E34: CD Changer Door Open
E35: CD Changer Cartridge Empty
If the error occurred while trying to play a CD in the
compact disc player or changer, the following conditions
may have caused the error:
The road is too rough. The disc should play when the
road is smoother.
The disc is dirty, scratched, wet or upside down.