Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

4-Way Power Lumbar Control (Option)
If you have this option, the
driver’s and passenger’s
seatback lumbar support
can be adjusted four ways
by moving the single
switch located on the
side of the seat.
To increase or decrease support, hold the switch forward
or rearward. To move the lumbar up or down, hold the
switch upward or downward.
Memory Seat and Mirrors (If Equipped)
If your vehicle has this
feature, the controls on the
driver’s door panel are used
to program and recall
previous settings.
You can use this memory function to save your seat
cushion positions (minus the head restraint), optional
lumbar, mirror adjustment, window lockout, HVAC and
radio settings. Save your seat positions in memory by
using the following procedure:
1. You must first program the SEAT RECALL feature
to be active when the SEAT RECALL choice
appears on the DIC. See “Memory Seat Recall” in
the Index for programming instructions.