Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Removing Wheel Covers and Wheel
Nut Caps
The following steps are necessary if you have the alloy
(aluminum) wheel with a center cover that conceals the
wheel nuts.
1. Insert the flat end of the wheel wrench in the
notch and pry off the center cover. Do not drop
the cover or lay it face down, as it could be scratched
or damaged.
2. If your vehicle has this
aluminum wheel, you
may have plastic wheel
nut caps. Use the wheel
nut wrench to remove
the wheel nut caps and
to loosen the wheel nuts.
3. When reinstalling the decorative nut caps, tighten the
caps snugly with the wheel wrench, then continue
-eighth of a turn for steel caps and one-quarter of
a turn for plastic caps.
It is not required to remove the center cover on this
wheel; however, if it should be necessary, it should
be removed from the back side by pushing out with a
blunt tool and not pried off from the front.
When reinstalling the cap, there is a plastic
alignment pin which must be aligned with the notch
in the wheel to assure proper installation.
4. After the wheel is put back on the vehicle, replace
the cover. Apply pressure around the edge of the
cover to snap it in place. Do not use a hammer or
mallet to install the cover.