Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

addition to crash investigations initiated by
DaimlerChrysler, such investigations may be requested
by customers, insurance carriers, government officials,
and professional crash researchers, such as those associ-
ated with universities, and with hospital and insurance
In the event that an investigation is undertaken by
DaimlerChrysler (regardless of initiative), the company
or its designated representative will first obtain permis-
sion of the appropriate custodial entity for the vehicle
(usually the vehicle owner or lessee) before accessing the
electronic data stored, unless ordered to download data
by a court with legal jurisdiction (i.e., pursuant to a
warrant). A copy of the data will be provided to the
custodial entity upon request. General data that does not
identify particular vehicles or crashes may be released for
incorporation in aggregate crash databases, such as those
maintained by the US government and various states.
Data of a potentially sensitive nature, such as would
identify a particular driver, vehicle, or crash, will be
treated confidentially. Confidential data will not be dis-
closed by DaimlerChrysler to any third party except
1. Used for research purposes, such as to match data
with a particular crash record in an aggregate database,
provided confidentiality of personal data is thereafter
2. Used in defense of litigation involving a
DaimlerChrysler product
3. Requested by police under a legal warrant
4. Otherwise required by law
Data Parameters that May Be Recorded:
Diagnostic trouble code(s) and warning lamp status
for electronically-controlled safety systems, including
the airbag system