Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Use the hood prop rod clipped to the driver’s side of the
engine compartment to secure the hood in the open
position. Place the hood prop at the location stamped into
the inner hood surface.
To prevent possible damage, do not slam the hood to
close it. Lower the hood until it is open approximately 20
cm (8 inches) and then drop it. This should secure both
latches. Never drive your vehicle unless the hood is fully
closed, with both latches engaged.
If the hood is not fully latched it could fly up when
the vehicle is moving and block your forward vision.
You could have a collision. Be sure all hood latches
are fully latched before driving.
Map/Reading Lights (Sedan)
These lights are mounted between the sun visors above the
rear view mirror. Each light is turned ON by pressing the
button. Press the button a second time to turn the light OFF.
The lights also come on when a door is opened or the dimmer
control is turned fully upward, past the second detent.