Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Tapping RESUME ACCEL once will result in a 2 mph (3
km/h) speed increase. Each time the lever is tapped,
speed increases so that tapping the lever three times will
increase speed by 6 mph (10 km/h), etc.
To decrease speed while speed control is ON, push down
and hold SET DECEL. Release the lever when the desired
speed is reached, and the new speed will be set.
Tapping the SET DECELbutton once will result in a 1
mph (2 km/h) speed decrease. Each time the button is
tapped, speed decreases.
Manual Transaxle:
Depressing the clutch pedal will disengage the speed
control. A slight increase in engine RPM before the speed
control disengages is normal.
Vehicles equipped with manual transaxles may need to
be shifted into a lower gear to climb hills without speed
Speed Control can be dangerous where the system
can’t maintain a constant speed. Your vehicle could
go too fast for the conditions, and you could lose
control. An accident could be the result. Don’t use
Speed Control in heavy traffic or on roads that are
winding, icy, snow-covered, or slippery.
To Accelerate For Passing:
Depress the accelerator as you would normally. When the
pedal is released, the vehicle will return to the set speed.
Using Speed Control On Hills
NOTE: The speed control system maintains speed up
and down hills. A slight speed change on moderate hills
is normal.