Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

training mode, follow one of the two procedures: From
outside the UConnect mode (e.g. from radio mode),
Press and hold the ‘Voice Recognition’ button for 5
seconds until the session begins, or
Press the ‘Voice Recognition’ button and say ЉSetup,
Voice TrainingЉ command.
Repeat the words and phrases when prompted by the
UConnect System. For best results, the Voice Training
session should be completed when the vehicle is parked,
engine running, all windows closed, and the blower fan
switched off.
This procedure may be repeated with a new user. The
system will adapt to the last trained voice only.
To restore the Voice recognition system to factory default
settings, enter the Voice Training session via the above
procedure and follow the prompts.
Voice Recognition (VR)
Always wait for the beep before speaking.
Speak normally, without pausing, just as you would
speak to a person sitting approximately eight (8) feet
away from you.
Make sure that no one other than you is speaking
during a voice recognition period.
Performance is maximized under:
low-to-medium blower setting,
low-to-medium vehicle speed,
low road noise,
smooth road surface,
fully closed windows,
dry weather condition.