Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Certain conditions such as a loose or missing gas cap,
poor fuel quality, etc. may illuminate the light after
engine start. The vehicle should be serviced if the light
stays on through several of your typical driving cycles. In
most situations the vehicle will drive normally and will
not require towing.
If the Malfunction Indicator Light flashes when the
engine is running, serious conditions may exist that
could lead to immediate loss of power or severe catalytic
converter damage. The vehicle should be serviced as
soon as possible if this occurs.
11. Odometer/Trip Odometer Reset Knob
Press this button to change the display from odometer to
either of the two trip odometer settings. Trip A or Trip B
will appear when in the trip odometer mode. Push in and
hold the button for two seconds to reset the trip odometer
to 0 miles or kilometers. The odometer must be in trip
mode to reset.
12. Charging System Light
This light shows the status of the electrical charg-
ing system. The light should come on briefly when
the ignition switch is first turned ON and remain on
briefly as a bulb check. If the light stays on or comes on
while driving, it means that there is a problem with the
charging system. Obtain SERVICE IMMEDIATELY.
13. Turn Signal Indicators
The arrows will flash in unison with the exterior
turn signal, when using the turn signal lever.
NOTE: Turn signal bulbs are located in the Instrument