Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

The AUTOSTICK position is just below the OVERDRIVE
position and is identified by the word “AUTOSTICK”.
When you place the gear selector lever in the
AUTOSTICK position, it can be moved from side to side.
Moving the lever to the left (-) triggers a downshift and to
the right (+) an upshift. The gear position will be shown
in the transmission gear display, located in the instru-
ment cluster.
You can shift in or out of the AUTOSTICK mode at any
time without taking your foot off the accelerator pedal. If
you choose the OVERDRIVE mode, the transmission will
operate automatically; shifting between the four avail-
able gears. When you wish to engage AUTOSTICK,
simply move the gear selector lever to the AUTOSTICK
position. The transmission will remain in the current gear
until an upshift or downshift is chosen.
Move the lever back to the OVERDRIVE position to shift
out of the AUTOSTICK mode.
AUTOSTICK General Information
The transmission will automatically upshift from first
to second gear and from second to third gear when
engine speed reaches about 6,300 RPM.
Downshifts from third to second gear above 74 mph
(119 km/h) and from second to first gear above 41
mph (66 km/h) will be ignored.
You can start out in first, second, or third gear. Shifting
into fourth gear can occur only after vehicle speed
reaches 15 mph (24 km/h).
The transmission will automatically downshift to first
gear when coming to a stop.
Starting out in third gear is helpful in snowy or icy