Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

14. Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Indicator
Light/Traction Control System (TCS) Indicator Light
If Equipped
If this indicator light flashes during accelera-
tion, apply as little throttle as possible. While
driving, ease up on the accelerator. Adapt your
speed and driving to the prevailing road con-
ditions, and do not switch off the ESP, or TCS if
15. Brake System Warning Light
This light monitors various brake functions,
including brake fluid level and parking brake
application. If the brake light turns on, it may
indicate that the parking brake is applied, there
is a low brake fluid level or there is a problem with the
anti-lock brake system.
The dual brake system provides a reserve braking capac-
ity in the event of a failure to a portion of the hydraulic
system. Failure of either half of the dual brake system is
indicated by the Brake Warning Light which will turn on
when the brake fluid level in the master cylinder has
dropped below a specified level.
The light will remain on until the cause is corrected.
NOTE: The light may flash momentarily during sharp
cornering maneuvers which change fluid level condi-
tions. The vehicle should have service performed, and
the brake fluid level checked.
If brake failure is indicated, immediate repair is neces-