Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

2. Press and release the EVIC button several times until
the EVIC displays the Personal Settings (Customer Pro-
grammable Features) menu.
3. Press and release the EVIC button several times until
“Calibrate Compass (Yes)” is displayed. A long (longer
than two seconds) EVIC button Press will place the
Compass in calibration mode.
4. The “CAL” indicator will come on continuously in the
EVIC display to indicate that the compass is now in the
calibration mode and that the vehicle can now be driven
to calibrate. Press the EVIC button from the ЉCalibrate
Compass (Yes)Љ screen will exit the EVIC Customer
Programmable features, and return it to its normal oper-
ating mode).
5. Drive the vehicle slowly, under 5 mph (8 km/h),
completing one or more circles (in an area free from large
metal or metallic objects) until the “CAL” indicator turns
off. The compass will now function normally.
Compass Variance
Compass Variance is the difference between magnetic
North and Geographic North. In some areas of the
country, the difference between magnetic and geographic
North is great enough to introduce some compass error.
In order to ensure compass accuracy, the compass vari-
ance should be properly set according to the variance
zone map for the vehicle’s current location. The compass
in your vehicle will now automatically compensate for
this difference.
NOTE: Magnetic materials such as a laptop computer,
cell phone, and PDA’s (anything with a battery), should
be kept away from the top of the instrument panel. This
is where the compass sensor is located.