Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Cloth Top Additional Cleaning Procedure
For additional cleaning assistance in removing stubborn
stains, apply Mopar Convertible Cloth Top Cleaner (part
number 05012245AA) to the complete stain, extending 2
inches (50 mm) beyond the stain. With a soft bristle
brush, scrub in all directions over the stain. Avoid heavy
scrubbing. Rinse the area with warm water. If the stain is
still apparent, repeat the cleaning procedure. When the
stain is no longer showing, rinse the complete top with
warm water. Let the top dry before lowering it. 7
Cloth Top Protection
For appearance purposes, you may wish to protect your
Twillfast™ (cloth) top periodically. Use Mopar Convert-
ible Cloth Top Treatment or a fabric protectant such as
Scotchguard_ is suggested. The top should be clean and
dry before application of the protectant.
Avoid getting Scotchguard_ on the surrounding
weather strips, moldings, paint, or glass. Damage to
these items might occur.
Weather Strip Care
Lubricate all top and door glass weather strips periodi-
cally with Mopar Weather Strip Lubricant (part number
4773427), to keep them soft and pliable.