Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

If the fluid level is low, add sufficient fluid through the
filler (dipstick) tube to bring it to the proper level. Do not
Using a transmission fluid other than the manu-
facturer’s recommended fluid may cause deterio-
ration in transmission shift quality and/or torque
converter shudder. Using a transmission fluid
other than that recommended by the manufacturer
will result in more frequent fluid and filter
changes. Refer to “Fluids, Lubricants, and Genu-
ine Parts” for the correct fluid type.
Dirt and water in the transaxle can cause serious
damage. To prevent dirt and water from entering
the transaxle after checking or replenishing fluid,
make certain that the dipstick cap is re-seated
Fluid And Filter Changes
Automatic transmission fluid and filter should be
changed as follows:
Maintenance schedule “A”—Non Turbo Charged En-
gines No change necessary.
Maintenance schedule “A”—Turbo Charged Engines
No change necessary.
Maintenance schedule “B”—All Engines Every 60,000
miles (100 000 km) change fluid and filter under the
following conditions:
Police, taxi, limousine, commercial type operation, or
trailer towing where the vehicle is driven regularly for
more than 45 minutes of continuous operation.
NOTE: Refer to Section 8 of this manual for mainte-
nance schedules.