Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

ЉPassenger Airbag Disable (PAD) Indicator LightЉ in this
section). If the ORC detects a malfunction in any part of
the system, it turns on the AIRBAG warning light either
momentarily or continuously. A single chime will sound
if the light comes on again after initial start up.
Ignoring the AIRBAG light in your instrument panel
could mean you won’t have the airbags to protect you
in a collision. If the light does not come on, stays on
after you start the vehicle, or if it comes on as you
drive, have the airbag system checked right away.
When the front airbag control module detects a colli-
sion requiring the front airbags, it signals the inflator
units. A large quantity of nontoxic gas is generated to
inflate the front airbags. The front airbag covers sepa-
rate and fold out of the way as the front airbags inflate
to their full size. The front airbags fully inflate in about
50 milliseconds. This is only about half of the time it
takes you to blink your eyes. The front airbags then
quickly deflate while helping to restrain the driver and
front passenger. The driver’s and passenger’s front
airbag gas is vented through holes in the sides of the
airbag. In this way the front airbags do not interfere
with your control of the vehicle.
The Passenger Airbag Disable (PAD) Indicator Light
(an amber light located in the center of the instrument
panel) tells the driver and front passenger when the
front passenger airbag is turned off. The PAD Indica-
tor lamp illuminates the words ЉPASS AIRBAG OFFЉ
to show that the front passenger airbag will not inflate
during a collision requiring airbags. When the right
front passenger seat is empty or when very light
objects are placed on the seat, the passenger airbag
will not inflate even though the PAD indicator lamp is
not illuminated.