Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Do not add a secondary seat cover other than those
approved by DaimlerChrysler/Mopar.
At no time should any supplemental restraint system
(SRS) component or SRS related component or fas-
tener be modified or replaced with any part except
those which are approved by DaimlerChrysler/
Unapproved modifications or service procedures to the
front passenger seat assembly, its related components,
or seat cover may inadvertently change the airbag
deployment in case of a frontal crash. This could result
in death or serious injury to the front seat passenger if
the vehicle is involved in an accident. A modified
vehicle may not comply with required Federal Motor
Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).
If A Deployment Occurs
The airbag systems are designed to deploy when the
airbag control modules detect a moderate-to-severe col-
lision, to help restrain the driver and front passenger, and
then immediately deflate.
NOTE: A collision that is not severe enough to need
airbag protection will not activate the system. This does
not mean something is wrong with the airbag system.
If you do have a collision which deploys the airbags, any
or all of the following may occur:
The nylon airbag material may sometimes cause abra-
sions and/or skin reddening to the driver and front
passenger as the airbags deploy and unfold. The
abrasions are similar to friction rope burns or those
you might get sliding along a carpet or gymnasium
floor. They are not caused by contact with chemicals.
They are not permanent and normally heal quickly.