Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Phone Call Features
The following features can be accessed through the
UConnect™ system if the feature(s) are available on your
cellular service plan. For example, if your cellular service
plan provides three-way calling, this feature can be
accessed through the UConnect™ system. Check with
your cellular service provider for the features that you
Answer or Reject an Incoming Call - No Call
Currently in Progress
When you receive a call on your cellular phone, the
UConnect™ system will interrupt the vehicle audio
system, if on, and will ask if you would like to answer the
call. To reject the call, press and hold the ’Phone’ button
until you hear a single beep indicating that the incoming
call was rejected.
Answer or Reject an Incoming Call - Call
Currently in Progress
If a call is currently in progress and you have another
incoming call, you will hear the same network tones for
call waiting that you normally hear when using your cell
phone. Press the ’Phone’ button to place the current call
on hold and answer the incoming call.
NOTE: The UConnect™ system compatible phones in
market today do not support rejecting an incoming call
when another call is in progress. Therefore, the user can
only either answer an incoming call or ignore it.
Making a Second Call while Current Call in
To make a second call while you are currently in a call,
press the ’Voice Recognition’ button and say ЉDialЉ or
ЉCallЉ followed by the phone number or phonebook entry
you wish to call. The first call will be on hold while the