Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

SCAN Button (Radio Mode)
Pressing the SCAN button causes the tuner to search for
the next listenable station, in eitherAM, FM or Satellite (if
equipped) frequencies, pausing for five seconds at each
listenable station before continuing to the next. To stop
the search, press SCAN a second time.
MSG or INFO Button (Radio Mode)
Press the MSG or INFO button for an RBDS station (one
with call letters displayed). The radio will return a Radio
Text message broadcast from an FM station (FM mode
TIME Button
Press the TIME button and the time of day will be
displayed for five seconds.
Clock Setting Procedure
1. Press and hold the time button until the hours blink.
2. Adjust the hours by turning the TUNE/AUDIO con-
3. After the hours are adjusted, press the TUNE/AUDIO
control to set the minutes. The minutes will begin to
4. Adjust the minutes by turning the TUNE/AUDIO
5. To exit, press any button/knob or wait five seconds.
RW/FF (Radio Mode)
Pressing the Rewind/Fast Forward button causes the
tuner to search for the next frequency in the direction of
the arrows. This feature operates in either AM, FM or
Satellite (if equipped) frequencies.
TUNE Control (Radio Mode)
Turn the rotary TUNE control clockwise to increase or
counterclockwise to decrease the frequency.