Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Do not place anything on the seat that insulates
against heat, such as a blanket or cushion. This may
cause the seat heater to overheat. To avoid heated seat
surfaces coming in contact and potential seat over-
heating, ALWAYS ensure that the seat heater is in the
OFF position (amber lights are on for HIGH or LOW
and no amber lights for the OFF position) before
placing any of the seats into a folded flat position.
Heated seats provide comfort and warmth when needed
for the front driver’s and passenger’s seats. The heaters
provide the same average heat level for both seat and
back cushions. The controls for each heater are located
near the bottom center of the instrument panel.
With the ignition switch in the on or run
position, you may choose from HIGH, LOW, or
OFF heat settings. Amber LEDs on the side of
each switch indicate the level of heat in use.
Two LEDs are illuminated for HIGH, one for LOW, and
none for OFF. Pressing the switch once will select the
HIGH setting. Pressing the switch a second time, will
select the LOW setting. Pressing the switch a third time,
will turn the heating elements OFF.
Heated Seat Switches