Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Passenger Airbag Disable (PAD) System
Front Passenger Indicator Light Airbag Status
Adult OFF ON
Child ON OFF
Grocery Bags,
Heavy Briefcases
and Other Rela-
tively Light Ob-
Empty or Very
Small Objects
* Since the system senses weight, some small objects
will turn the PAD Indicator Light on.
Drivers and adult passengers should verify that the PAD
Indicator Light is not illuminated when an adult is riding
in the front passenger seat. If an adult occupant’s weight
is transferred to another part of the vehicle (like the door
or instrument panel), the weight sensors in the seat may
not properly classify the occupant. Objects lodged under
the seat or between the seat and the center console can
prevent the occupant’s weight from being measured
properly and may result in the occupant being improp-
erly classified. Ensure that the front passenger seat back
does not touch anything placed on the second row of
seats because this can also affect occupant classification.
Also, if you fold down the seats in the second row check
to be sure they don’t touch the front passenger seat.
If the front passenger seat is damaged in any way, it
should only be serviced by an authorized dealer. If the
seat is removed (or even if the seat attachment bolts are
loosened or tightened in any way), take the vehicle to an
authorized dealer.
If there is a fault present in the Airbag Warning Light (a
red light located in the center of the instrument cluster
directly in front of the driver) will be turned on. This