Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

To maintain a safe speed and prolong brake life, shift
down to SECOND or FIRST gear when descending a
steep grade.
When turning a corner, or driving up a steep grade,
downshift early so that the engine will not be overbur-
When the parking brake is applied with the
ignition on, the BRAKE Light in the instrument
cluster will come on.
NOTE: This light only shows that the parking brake is
on. It does not show the degree of brake application.
If the parking brake is applied while the vehicle is
moving, a chime will sound to alert the driver. The chime
will sound up to 10 times or until the vehicle has
returned to a stop.
Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that the parking
brake is set. To set the parking brake, pull up firmly on
the lever. Always shift the gear selector lever into the
PARK position (automatic transaxle) or into the RE-
VERSE position (manual transaxle). To release the park-
ing brake, apply the brake pedal, pull up slightly on the
lever, then depress the button on the end of the lever and
push the lever fully down toward the floor.