Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

PTY Button ؆SEEK؆
When the desired program is obtained, press the ЉSEEKЉ
button within five seconds. The channel will change to
the next channel that matches the program type selected.
Satellite Antenna
To ensure optimum reception, do not place items on the
roof around the rooftop antenna location. Metal objects
placed within the line of sight of the antenna will cause
decreased performance. Larger luggage items should be
placed as far forward as possible. Do not place items
directly on or above the antenna. The luggage rack (if
equipped), should also not be positioned directly above
the antenna.
Reception Quality
Satellite reception may be interrupted due to one of the
following reasons.
The vehicle is parked in an underground parking
structure or under a physical obstacle.
Dense tree coverage may interrupt reception in the
form of short audio mutes.
Driving under wide bridges or along tall buildings can
cause intermittent reception.
Placing objects over or too close to the antenna can
cause signal blockage.