Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

NOTE: There is a difference in temperature between the
upper and lower outlets for added comfort. The warmer
air goes to the floor outlets. This feature gives improved
comfort during sunny but cool conditions.
Air is directed through the floor outlets and side
window demist outlets with a small amount
through the defrost outlet.
Air is directed through the floor, defrost and side
window demist outlets. This setting works best in
cold or snowy conditions that require extra heat at
the windshield. This setting is good for maintaining
comfort while reducing moisture on the windshield.
Air is directed through the windshield and side
window demist outlets. Use this mode with maxi-
mum fan and temperature settings for best windshield
and side window defrosting.
NOTE: The air conditioning compressor operates in
both Mix and Defrost or a blend of these modes even if
the A/C button has not been pressed and the indicator
lamp is off. This dehumidifies the air to help dry the
windshield. To improve fuel economy, use these modes
only when necessary.