Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

In a convertible vehicle, the system performance may
be compromised with roof top down.
Even though the system is designed for users speaking
in North American English, French, and Spanish ac-
cents, the system may not always work for some.
When navigating through an automated system, such
as voice mail, or when sending a page at the end of
speaking the digit string, make sure to say Љsend.Љ
Storing names in phonebook when vehicle is not in
motion is recommended.
It is not recommended to store similar sounding
names in the UConnect™ phonebook.
UConnect™ phonebook nametag recognition rate is
optimized for the voice of the person who stored the
name in the phonebook.
You can say ЉOЉ (letter ЉOЉ) for Љ0Љ (zero). Љ800Љ must be
spoken Љeight-zero-zero.Љ
Even though international dialing for most number
combinations is supported, some shortcut dialing
number combinations may not be supported.
Far End Audio Performance
Audio quality is maximized under:
low-to-medium blower setting,
low-to-medium vehicle speed,
low road noise,
smooth road surface,
fully closed windows, and
dry weather condition.
Operation from driver seat.