Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Automatic Compass Calibration
The compass on your vehicle is self-calibrating, eliminat-
ing the need to manually calibrate the compass. When
the vehicle is new, the compass may appear erratic and
the CAL indicator message will flash in the EVIC until
the calibration is complete.
A good calibration requires a level surface and an envi-
ronment free from large metallic objects such as build-
ings, bridges, underground cables, railroad tracks, etc.
Calibrate the compass by driving slowly, under 5 mph (8
km/h) in one or more complete circles in a area free from
large metallic objects, until the CAL indicator in the EVIC
turns off. The compass will now function normally.
NOTE: Keep all magnetic objects, such as laptop com-
puters, cell phones and PDAs (anything with a battery)
away from the compass sensor which is located in the top
of the instrument panel. These devices can interfere with
compass accuracy and performance.
Manual Compass Calibration
If the compass appears to be inaccurate, you may wish to
manually calibrate the compass. Prior to calibrating the
compass, make sure the proper compass variance value
(zone) is selected (refer to the above “Compass Variance”
for additional information. Then continue to calibrate the
compass as follows:
1. Start the engine, and leave the transmission in the
PARK position.
2. Press and hold (approximately 10 seconds) the
Compass/Temperature reset button until the current
variance zone number is displayed.
3. Release the reset button, then press and hold again
(approximately 10 seconds), until the direction is dis-
played with the “CAL” indicator on continuously in the