Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

When frequent transaxle shifting occurs while using the
DRIVE/OVERDRIVE range, such as when operating the
vehicle under heavy loading conditions (in hilly terrain,
traveling into strong head winds, or while towing trail-
ers), use the [3] range.
This range eliminates shifts into OVERDRIVE. The trans-
axle will operate normally in first and second while in
this range.
NOTE: Using the [3] range while operating the vehicle
under heavy operating conditions will improve perfor-
mance, fuel economy, and extend transaxle life by reduc-
ing excessive shifting and heat build up.
Use the [3] range when descending steep grades to
prevent brake system distress.
[1] Low
This range should be used for maximum engine braking
when descending steep grades. In this range, up shifts
will occur only to prevent engine over speed while down
shifts from [2] to [1] will occur as early as possible.
AUTOSTICK is a driver-interactive transmission that
offers manual gear shifting capability to provide you
with more control. AUTOSTICK allows you to maximize
engine braking, eliminate undesirable upshifts and
downshifts, and improve overall vehicle performance.
This system can also provide you with more control
during passing, city driving, cold slippery conditions,
mountain driving, trailer towing, and many other situa-