Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Opening the driver’s door when the key is in the ignition,
sounds a signal to remind you to remove the key.
NOTE: With the driver’s door open, and the key in the
ignition, both the power door locks and Remote Keyless
Entry (RKE) will not function.
The Sentry Key Immobilizer System prevents unautho-
rized operation of the vehicle by disabling the engine.
The system will shut the engine off after two seconds of
running if an invalid key is used to start the vehicle. This
system utilizes ignition keys, which have an electronic
chip (transponder) embedded into them. Only keys that
have been programmed to the vehicle can be used to start
and operate the vehicle.
The Sentry KeyImmobilizer System does not need to be
armed or activated. Operation of the system is automatic
regardless of whether or not the vehicle is locked or
unlocked. During normal operation, the Theft Alarm/
Immobilizer Light will come on for three seconds imme-
diately after the ignition switch is turned on for a bulb
check. Afterwards, if the bulb remains on, this indicates a
problem with the electronics.
If the bulb begins to flash after the bulb check, this
indicates that an invalid key has been used to start the
vehicle. Both of these conditions will result in the engine
being shut off after two seconds of running.
Keep in mind that a key, which has not been pro-
grammed is also considered an invalid key even if it is
cut to fit the ignition lock cylinder for that vehicle.
If the Theft Alarm/Immobilizer Light comes on during
normal vehicle operation, (the vehicle has been running
for longer than 10 seconds), a fault has been detected in
the electronics and the vehicle should be serviced as soon
as possible.