Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

passenger airbag should be turned off. It also deter-
mines the rate of airbag inflation during a collision.
Your vehicle has four Weight Sensors located between
the seat and the floor pan. The weight sensors measure
applied weight and transfers that information to the
The Head/Thorax Side Airbags—If Equipped (SRS)
are designed to activate only in certain side collisions.
The ORC module determines if a side collision is
severe enough to require the Head/Thorax airbags to
inflate. The side airbag control module will not detect
roll over, front or rear collisions.
The ORC Module monitors the readiness of the electronic
parts of the system whenever the ignition switch is in the
START or ON positions. These include all of the items
listed under “The Head/Thorax side airbag system
consists of the following”.
In moderate to severe side collisions the inflating Head/
Thorax airbag exits through the seat seam into the space
between the occupant and the door. The Head/Thorax
airbag moves at a very high speed and with such a high
force, that it could injure you if you are not seated
properly, or if items are positioned in the area where the
airbag inflates. This especially applies to children.
The following requirements must be strictly adhered to:
Do not modify the front passenger seat assembly or
components in any way.
Do not modify the front seat center console or center
position seat in any way.
Do not use prior or future model year seat covers not
designated for the specific model being repaired. Al-
ways use the correct seat cover specified for the