Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Do not use a tire, wheel size or rating other than that
specified for your vehicle. Some combinations of
unapproved tires and wheels may change suspension
dimensions and performance characteristics, result-
ing in changes to steering, handling, and braking of
your vehicle. This can cause unpredictable handling
and stress to steering and suspension components.
You could lose control and have an accident resulting
in serious injury or death.Use only the tire and wheel
sizes with load ratings approved for your vehicle.
Never use a tire with a smaller load index or capacity,
other than what was originally equipped on your
vehicle. Using a tire with a smaller load index could
result in tire overloading and failure. You could lose
control and have an accident.
Failure to equip your vehicle with tires having ad-
equate speed capability can result in sudden tire
failure and loss of vehicle control.
Replacing original tires with tires of a different size
may result in false speedometer and odometer
Alignment and Balance
Poor suspension alignment may result in:
Fast tire wear.
Uneven tire wear, such as feathering and one-sided
Vehicle pull to right or left.
Tires may also cause the vehicle to pull to the left or right.
Alignment will not correct this condition. See your
authorized dealer for proper diagnosis.