Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

All Transaxles
If the vehicle being towed requires steering, the
ignition switch must be in the ACC position, not in
the LOCK positions.
Do not attempt to use sling type equipment when
towing. When securing vehicle to flat bed truck, do
not attach to front or rear suspension components.
Damage to your vehicle may result from improper
If it is necessary to use the accessories while being towed
(wipers, defrosters, etc.), the key must be in the ON
position, not the ACC position. Make certain the trans-
axle remains in NEUTRAL.
Without The Ignition Key
Special care must be taken when the vehicle is towed
with the ignition in the LOCK position. Adolly should be
used under the front wheels if the rear wheels are raised.
Proper towing equipment is necessary to prevent dam-
age to the vehicle.
Towing This Vehicle Behind Another Vehicle (Flat
Towing With All Four Wheels On The Ground)
If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transaxle, it
may be towed in a forward direction, at any legal
highway speed, for any distance, if the transaxle is in
If the ignition key is not available, vehicles with auto-
matic transaxles can not be flat towed at any time.