Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

Loose Fuel Filler Cap Message
After fuel is added, the vehicle diagnostic system can
determine if the fuel filler cap is loose, improperly
installed, or damaged. A gASCAP message will be dis-
played in the instrument cluster. Tighten the gas cap until
a ЉclickingЉ sound is heard. This is an indication that the
gas cap is properly tightened. Press the odometer reset
button to turn the message off. If the problem persists,
the message will appear the next time the vehicle is
started. This might indicate a damaged cap. If the prob-
lem is detected twice in a row, the system will turn on the
Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL). Resolving the prob-
lem will turn the MIL light off.
In some localities, it may be a legal requirement to pass
an inspection of your vehicle’s emissions control system.
Failure to pass could prevent vehicle registration.
For states that require an Inspection and Mainte-
nance (I/M), this check verifies the Malfunction
Indicator Light (MIL) is functioning and is not on
when the engine is running, and that the OBD II system
is ready for testing.
Normally, the OBD II system will be ready. The OBD II
system may not be ready if your vehicle was recently
serviced, recently had a dead battery, or a battery replace-
ment. If the OBD II system should be determined not
ready for the I/M test, your vehicle may fail the test.