Chrysler 2008 Automobile User Manual

ID3 Tag information for artist, song title and album title
are supported for version 1 ID3 tags. ID3 version 2 is not
supported by the radios.
Playlist files are not supported. MP3 Pro files are not
Playback of MP3 Files
When a medium containing MP3 data is loaded, the
radio checks all files on the medium. If the medium
contains a lot of folders or files, the radio will take more
time to start playing the MP3 files.
Loading times for playback of MP3 files may be affected
by the following:
Media - CD-RW media may take longer to load than
CD-R media
Medium formats - Multisession discs may take longer
to load than non-multisession discs
Number of files and folders - Loading times will
increase with more files and folders
To increase the speed of disc loading, it is recommended
to use CD-R media and single-session discs. To create a
single-session disc, enable the Disc at Once option before
writing to the disc.
Operating Instructions - (CD Mode for MP3 Audio
SEEK Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)
Pressing the right side of the SEEK button plays the next
MP3 File. Pressing the left side of the SEEK button plays
the beginning of the MP3 file. Pressing the button within
the first ten seconds plays the previous file.