Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Active Descent Control (ADC) Fluid
Fluid Level
1. Open the front box cover and pull open the
access door.
2. View the fluid level in the reservoir. If the
level is below the minimum mark, remove
the cap and add the recommended fluid.
3. Reinstall the cap securely. Secure the
access door and box cover.
Fluid Change
1. Position the vehicle on a level surface.
Before performing the fluid change, allow
the vehicle to sit for at least 30 minutes.
2. Thoroughly clean the areas around and on
the ADC reservoir and bleeder valves (one
on each side of the differential).
3. Remove the reservoir cap and diaphragm
assembly. Use a shop towel or suction tool
to remove debris from the fluid and reser-
NOTE: Debris in the reservoir may result in inadequate bleeding and reduced
performance of the system.
4. Fill the reservoir to the maximum line with fresh ADC fluid.
5. Remove the protective caps from the bleeder valves.
6. Slowly loosen one of the valves (turn counter-clockwise) and allow
fluid and trapped air to flow from the fitting. Close the valve when
clean fluid begins to flow. Repeat this step for the remaining valve.
IMPORTANT: Close the bleeder valves before the reservoir fluid level drops
below the minimum fill line. Adding fluid to an empty reservoir will result in
trapped air. If the level drops below the minimum line, add fluid to the maximum
line and repeat step 6 before proceeding.
7. Torque the valves to 80 in. lbs. (9 Nm). Reinstall the valve caps.
8. Add fresh ADC fluid to the reservoir until the level is between the
minimum and maximum marks. Make sure the reservoir is free of
9. Reinstall the cap securely. Clean up any drips or spills.
ADC Fluid Reservoir
800 EFI
500 EFI