Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Cleaning and Storage
Storage Tips
Fluid Levels
Inspect the fluid levels. Add or change fluids as recommended in the
Periodic Maintenance Chart beginning on page 79.
Demand drive unit (front gearcase)
ADC fluid (ADC models) (change every two years)
Rear gearcase (if equipped)
Brake fluid (change every two years and any time the fluid looks dark
or contaminated)
Coolant (test strength/fill)
Fog the Engine
1. Treat the fuel system with Polaris Carbon Clean. Follow the instruc-
tions on the container. Start the engine. Allow it to idle for several
minutes so the Carbon Clean reaches the injectors. Stop the engine.
2. Remove the spark plug and add 2-3 tablespoons of engine oil. To
access the plug hole, use a section of clear 1/4" hose and a small
plastic squeeze bottle filled with the pre-measured amount of oil.
NOTE: Do this carefully! If you miss the plug hole, oil will drain from the spark
plug cavity into the hole at the front of the cylinder head, and appear to
be an oil leak.
3. Reinstall the spark plug. Torque to specification.
4. Apply dielectric grease to the inside of each spark plug cap and rein-
stall the caps onto the plugs.
5. Turn the engine over several times. Oil will be forced in and around
the piston rings and ring lands, coating the cylinder with a protec-
tive film of fresh oil.
6. If Polaris fuel system additive is not used, the fuel tank, fuel lines,
and injectors should be completely drained of gasoline.