Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Driving Uphill
Whenever traveling uphill, follow these precautions:
1. Always move the 4X4 switch to ADC 4X4 before ascending or
descending a hill. See page 47.
2. Drive straight uphill.
3. Avoid steep hills (15° maximum).
4. Keep both feet on the footrests.
5. Shift body weight uphill.
6. Proceed at a steady rate of speed and throttle opening.
7. Remain alert and be prepared to take emergency action. This may
include quick dismounting of the vehicle.
8. If the vehicle stalls while climbing a hill, never back it down the
hill! Apply the hand brake. If a passenger is on board, ask the pas-
senger to dismount. Use the K-turn to turn around. See page 70.
Braking and handling are greatly affected when operating in hilly terrain.
Improper procedure could cause loss of control or overturn and result in
serious injury or death.
Avoid climbing steep hills (15° maximum).
Use extreme caution when operating on hills, and follow proper operating
procedures outlined in the owner's manual.
15° Maximum