Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Lubrication Guide
Check and lubricate all components at the intervals outlined in the
Periodic Maintenance Chart beginning on page 79. Items not
listed in the chart should be lubricated at the General Lubrication
NOTE: The a-arms and upper control arms are lubricated at the factory, and
no additional lubrication will be needed. However, if these components
are subjected to severe use, grease zerks have been provided for
additional lubrication at the user's discretion.
Item Lube Capacity at
Fluid Change
Inspection Procedure
Engine Oil PS-4 PLUS
Synthetic 2W-50
2 qt. (1.9 l) See page 84.
Brake Fluid DOT 4 Only --- See page 40.
Transmission Oil Polaris AGL Syn-
Gearcase Lube
32 oz. (948 ml) See page 92.
Demand Drive
(Front Gearcase)
Demand Drive LT
Premium Fluid
9.3 oz. (275 ml) See page 93.
ADC Fluid Polaris ADC Fluid --- See page 94.
Front Prop Shaft
Polaris Premium
U-Joint Lube
--- Grease fittings (3 pumps
maximum) every 500 miles,
before long periods of stor-
age, or after pressure wash-
ing or submerging.
Front Prop Shaft Yoke