Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

When servicing a halogen lamp, don't touch the lamp with bare fingers.
Oil from your skin leaves a residue, causing a hot spot that will shorten
the life of the lamp.
Headlight Lamp Replacement
1. Remove the two screws on the lower front corners of the headlight
2. Remove the screw from the rear of the pod.
3. Lift the pod slightly while depressing the tabs at the rear of the pod.
4. Lift the pod cover and disconnect the speedometer harnesses from
the speedometer.
5. Unplug the headlamp from the wiring harness. Be sure to pull on the
connector, not on the wiring.
6. Turn the lamp counterclockwise to remove it.
7. Apply dielectric grease to the socket and install the new lamp.
NOTE: Make sure the tab on the lamp locates properly in the housing.
8. Reassemble the pod.
Poor lighting while driving can result in severe injury or death. Headlight and
taillight lenses become dirty during normal operation. Wash the headlights
frequently to maintain lighting quality.
Hot components can cause serious burns to skin. Allow lamps to cool before