Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Automatic Transmission Gear Selector
The transmission gear selector is
located on the right side of the vehicle.
H: High Gear
L: Low Gear
N: Neutral
R: Reverse
P: Park
Whenever the ATV is left unattended, always place the transmission in
PARK and lock the parking brake.
Belt Life
To extend belt life, use low forward gear in heavy pulling situations and
when operating at less than seven miles per hour for extended periods of
Fuel Filter
Some models are equipped with an in-line fuel filter. If your model is
equipped, the filter is located under the rubber service cover inside the
front box. Have your dealer replace the filter after every 200 hours of
operation and any time the fuel becomes contaminated with dirt or
debris. Do not attempt to clean the fuel filter.
Fuel Tank Cap
Remove the fuel tank cap to add
fuel to the fuel tank. Use either
leaded or unleaded gasoline with
a minimum pump octane number
of 87=(R+ M/2) octane. Do not
use E-85 fuel.
Shifting gears with the engine speed above idle or while the vehicle is moving
could cause transmission damage. To change gears, stop the vehicle, and
with the engine idling, move the lever to the desired gear.
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