Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Fuse Replacement
If the engine stops or will not start,
or if you experience other electrical
failures, a fuse may need replace-
NOTE: Spare fuses are provided in a
compartment on the top of the
access door.
1. Open the front box cover and
pull open the access door.
2. Remove the suspect fuse from
the fuse panel. If the fuse is
blown, install a new fuse with
the same amperage.
3. Secure the access door.
4. Secure the box cover.
Fuse Feature Supported
5A Speedometer
15A Electronic Fuel Injection
20A (Main Fuse) Ignition, Lighting
20A Accessories, 12V Power Receptacle
Fuse Panel
5or61520 20