Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Differential Switch
Use the differential switch to lock and unlock the rear differential.
Locked Differential: Operate the vehicle with the switch in
the locked position in most conditions.
Unlocked Differential: When the differential is unlocked, the
inside wheel will rotate independently from the outside wheel
during turns. Operate with an unlocked differential only as
needed to protect smooth, level surfaces from tire damage.
Otherwise, move the switch to the locked position. This feature
will function only if the vehicle is in 2X4 mode.
Worklight Switch
Use the worklight switch (if equipped) to turn the worklight on or off.
The worklight is located at the rear of the vehicle. Turn the light on
while loading and unloading cargo in low light situations. Turn the
worklight off when driving.
Headlight Switch
Use the headlight switch to turn the lights on and off and to change the
lights from high beam to low beam. The key must be in the ON position
and the engine stop switch must be in the RUN position.
Operating with the differential unlocked () when on sloped, uneven, or
loose terrain could cause loss of control and result in serious injury or death.
One rear wheel may slip and lose traction or may lift up and grab when it
touches the ground again.
DO NOT operate with the differential unlocked
() when climbing or
descending hills, when sidehilling, or when operating on uneven, loose, or
slippery terrain such as sand, gravel, ice, snow, obstacles, and water
crossings. Place the differential switch in the locked position and operate in
ADC 4X4 or 4X4 on these types of terrain.
Operating the ATV on streets or roads, especially in darkness, could result in
an accident and serious injury or death.
Your ATV is not equipped with highway-approved lights. It's designed for and
must be used for off-road use only. Use caution and drive at reduced speeds
in conditions of reduced visibility such as fog, rain and darkness.